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Our Hospice Care Team

Minnesota Hospice utilizes an interdisciplinary team approach to care for our clients. Our team works together to develop a personalized plan of care based on your decisions and needs. The Minnesota Hospice team is highly qualified and caring—working together to give both clients and families the best care possible. Our team includes:

Patient and Family

While your Minnesota Hospice team consists of professionals and volunteers with years of experience, it is you, the patient and your family, who will guide our team in individualizing your care. There is little doubt that this journey is daunting, but we are committed to be by your side as you navigate this challenging journey.

Attending Physician And/Or Medical Director

The Minnesota Hospice Medical Director attends all hospice team meetings and provides advice and direction to the hospice team. The Medical Director works with your attending physician and RN Case Manager to ensure that the medical care you receive is closely monitored and meets your on-going needs.

Your attending physician continues to play an important role in your care while you are a client at Minnesota Hospice. Your RN Case Manager regularly communicates with the attending physician of your choice and will make sure that he/she remains aware of your condition or needs.

Hospice Nurse Practitioner

On occasion, the hospice Medical Director may request that a hospice Nurse Practitioner visit you to provide the hospice team with recommendations for your care and hospice eligibility. These recommendations will be discussed with you as well as the interdisciplinary team.

Director Of Clinical Services

The Director of Clinical Services (DCS) supervises nurses, certified nursing assistants, volunteers, spiritual care advisors and social workers, as well as providing support to clients and caregivers. As the leader of the clinical team, the DCS provides guidance concerning all aspects of our clients’ physical, spiritual and emotional needs.

RN Case Manager

When you are admitted to Minnesota Hospice, you are assigned a Registered Nurse Case Manager (RNCM). The RNCM will provide skilled nursing visits, support and teaching to you and your caregiver and coordinate all aspects of your care. He/she will keep your physician regularly informed of your condition. The frequency of nursing visits is determined by your needs to monitor and control your symptoms and could, therefore, change throughout the course of your illness.

Home Health Aide

All Home Health Aides (HHA) at Minnesota Hospice are Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA). Each HHA provides individualized, hands-on care for the client, under the direction on the RNCM, which include activities such as assistance with dressing, bathing, feeding, linen changing, preparation of light meals and light housekeeping.

Social Worker

Social worker service is available to you and your caregivers to assist with the variety of emotional challenges that arise during the course of a serious illness and end-of-life care. They may also assist you with advance directive planning, healthcare decisions, funeral planning, and access to community resources. Soon after your admission, a social worker will visit you and your family to determine how to be most helpful during your hospice journey.

Spiritual Care Coordinator

The Spiritual Care Coordinator serves in a non-denominational role and is available to assist our clients and families through their spiritual journey. Often referred to as “the chaplain”, the Spiritual Care Coordinator is able to discuss spiritual issues such as fear, loss, forgiveness, anger or spiritual questioning. He/she may also help with religious questions or assist by arranging a visit by your local clergy.

Volunteer Coordinator/Volunteers

The Volunteer Coordinator manages a team of specially trained hospice volunteers who can provide additional services designed to enhance quality of life for our clients and their families. Volunteers provide a variety of supportive services, such as offering companionship, running errands, writing letters or reading the newspaper.

Bereavement Coordinator

Bereavement support is available to family members and caregivers for a period that continues up to 13 months after the loss of a loved one. Support is provided through phone calls, visits, mailings, and community support group with the goal of assisting families and caregivers cope with related grief and loss issues.

Music Therapist

A licensed music therapist is available to provide an individualized music program for our clients when warranted. Music therapy promotes mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and enhances quality of life and social stimulation.

Massage Therapist

A licensed massage therapist is available to provide therapeutic touch to our clients when warranted. By manipulating muscles and other soft tissues of the body, clients can experience pain relief, improved circulation, relief from anxiety and restlessness.


A nutritionist is available to our hospice team to assist us in finding the best possible dietary options and alternatives for clients who experience nutritional obstacles, such as nausea and vomiting, that can be common with some terminally ill illnesses. The RN Case Manager can easily arrange a consultation with a nutritionist at the request of the client or family.

Physical Therapy/Occupation Therapy/Speech Therapy

These additional therapies may be utilized based on individual needs as warranted for specific conditions and client goals.

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