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Hospice Grief Support Services

Grief is a journey and not an event. The process is experienced uniquely by each individual. Upon losing a loved one you will experience a period of bereavement. During this time a wide range of emotions can be felt, which is normal. The source of grief (kind of loss) is often different among individuals, but the substance (how we feel) of grief contains common elements.

Minnesota Hospice is committed to providing you support services for up to 13 months during this journey of grief and loss. Whether a surviving loved one of a patient or a member of the community, our services are designed to address the unique needs of the bereaved. How do we share our grief and who and where do we reach for support?

Please join us as we walk the path together in this changing of the seasons. Not only do the seasons make their transition, our emotions, as well as our physical bodies, feel the movement of change as we connect with our most intimate memories. We feel our grief in many ways. We can share this as well.

We invite you to embrace the journey of healing, yours. Reclaim your hope, joy and resilience. Grief is a universal experience. You are not alone.

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“We do not remember days, we remember moments.”

Cesar Pavese

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