At Minnesota Hospice, we believe in effective communication amongst all family members and caregivers. Minnesota Hospice offers the CaringBridge website to integrate your care team and ours. Through private, online communities, CaringBridge allows you to create a free personal website to quickly share updates about your own or someone else’s health journey. Your personal CaringBridge website gives you a centralized, private location to share health updates and request help.

Some of the benefits of using CaringBridge:

  • Share news and updates with everyone at the same time
  • Communicate in a private, ad-free place
  • Receive emotional strength and support
  • Allows your hospice team to easily share information about our visits

The CaringBridge is a private, safe and secure website that is easy to set up. The Minnesota Hospice team can help with any questions along the way or visit the CaringBridge website at

Hospice – Affirms life, but never denies death. Recognizes dying as a normal process of life. Honors wishes. Offers choices. Brings commitment and compassion. Strengthens families. Is about faith, hope and caring.

“We do not remember days, we remember moments.”

Cesar Pavese

“People die, but love does not die.
It is recycled from one heart,
from one life, to another.”

Harold S. Kushner